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Twilight.ws is an automated download search engine that lists content submissions from other websites. These submissions are done from various websites that are looking to increase the traffic on their website. If you own a website and want to get more traffic you should keep on reading. Getting started with submitting your content to Twilight.ws is very easy:

  • Put up a valid link on your website pointing to Twilight.ws
  • Submit more than 5 downloads using our submission page
  • We review your website which can take up to a week. (Check status here)

My website

Enter the URL of your website below and click on the "Go" button to view information.

Webmasters FAQ

My submissions aren't showing, what now?

If your submissions are not showing you have to verify the following:

  • Is your website blacklisted? (We don't show submissions of blacklisted websites)
  • Is there any error upon submitting? (Use our submission page to check this!)
  • Is your website still under review? (We don't show submissions of websites that are still under review)

Once you figured out all the above and you still don't know why your submissions are not showing you may contact us.

Rating system

Twilight.ws uses an advanced rating system that determines the ordering of the submissions. The higher the score of your website, the higher the submissions will be listed. The calculation of the rating of your website is based on 2 things:

  • The quality of the submissions of the last 3 months (which file hosts are included)
  • The total amount of submissions

File hosts are divided into three groups based on several criteria: Gold, silver and bronze. (See "Filehost rankings" on the right for a more detailed overview of which file hosts are in which group.) A submissions that contains 2 golden file hosts will give you a higher score than a submissions with 2 bronze file hosts.

Rating Required points Required amount of submissions
1* N/A N/A
2* 100 500
3* 125 900
4* 175 1500
5* 200 2000

You can check out the points and amount off submissions of your website by going to the "My website" area on this page.

We automatically refresh our submissions twice per day for website that have a rating of 1*-4*.
5* website's submissions are automatically accepted within 5 minutes after submissions.

Requesting a re-rate of your website

Before requesting a new rating you must make sure that your website meets all the requirements for the new rating. After all the requirements are met you may request a new rating from us. This can be done by contacting us.
Note: If you contact us for a new rating without meeting the requirements it may result in a decrease of rating and even the blacklisting of your website.

My website is blacklisted, what now?

If you website is blacklisted (and not permanently blacklisted) you have the ability to remove the website from the blacklist yourself. First option is to consult your website information under "My website" on this page and then clicking on the blacklist removal link. Second option is to login to the WCP and removing your website from the blacklist there.

My website is permanently blacklisted, what now?

If your website has been permanently blacklisted upon first submission (upon the initial site review process) you should apply the changes we suggest and contact us. (If you don't know what we mean, please fill in your URL in the form above and you will find out) After that we will most likely remove your website completely and allow you to submit again. (We still review your website!). If your website has been permanently blacklisted after making your first submissions you should also contact us but most of the time this kind of blacklisting is irreversible.

Webmaster Control Panel

The TWCP is an interactive webmaster control panel that allows you to:

  • View information about your website.
  • Edit the downloads that you have submitted.
  • Delete the downloads that you have submitted.
  • Edit your site information.
  • Update your submission email.

Click here to go to the TWCP
Click here to create an account

Firefox Submission Tool

We have our own Firefox submission tool that allows you to easily submit downloads to our website. The submission tool comes as a firefox addon and allows you to fill the submission form with a few mouseclicks. It saves you the time that you need to copy/paste manually to fill every field.

Click here to install the addon

Filehost rankings

Gold Hotfile, LumFile, MediaFire, Netload, RapidGator

Silver BitShare, Depositfiles, FileFactory, FileParadox, FreakShare, Megashares, RapidFiles, TurboBit, Ultramegabit, Uploaded, Uploaded.net

Bronze 4Shared, Bayfiles, Cloudzer, DizzCloud, EasyShare, Extabit, FileGag, Filemates, Filepost, HenchFile, KatzFiles, LetitBit, OTEUpload, QueenShare, Rapidshare, Ryushare, SecureUpload, Shareflare, Uploading, VIP-File

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